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La Pelosa Beach - Stintino

La Pelosa beach is about 2 km from Stintino, at the foot of Capo Falcone, at the north-west of the island.
Close to the small fishing village, is a stunning beach of fine white sand, enclosed on the north by the seventeenth-century Torre della Pelosa. In front of the beach lies the Asinara Island.
Sand is fine and is light in color. The water is turquoise, crystal clear enough to be considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, with its stretch of fine white sand and sea so clear, not to be unparalleled anywhere else in Italy, making it look like a tropical landscape thanks to its beautiful grounds.
The coastline is smooth, easily reached by car you can park nearby.
Near the beach you can drink and eat.



This is a beach of great beauty, nestled in a Landscape of great impact and appeal, with the right and the Piana and Asinara islands and opposite the small island of La Pelosa. It is bordered to the north from Capo Falcone.
Islet Pelosa there can also be accessed via a natural ford surrounded by a wonderfully clear sea. The beach has largely rocks and a little sandy beach and is overlooking a beautiful blue sea, clear and crystalline. La Pelosetta is popular and often overcrowded during high season, thanks to the many services it offers, including bars, restaurants, catering outlets and hotels naerby. La Pelosa Island can be reached on foot from the Aragonese tower, built in 1578 and called Torre de La Pelosa and the Isola Piana, part of the town of Porto Torres, where was built a Spanish tower of 18 meters in height known as the Finance Tower, built in sixteenth century and rebuilt in 1931.



This is a beach of clear sand mixed with white pebbles, overlooking a beautiful sea of glass and iridescent shades of blue. Ezzi Mannu is surrounded by impressive dune formations covered with vegetation and is generally set in a natural context of wild and lonely charm, spoiled, however, the profile of establishments in the wind turbine of Fiume Santo. The beach is equipped and offers ample parking and a refreshment.

Ezzi Mannu Beach in Stintino



Le Saline beach, Stintino

The beach of Saline is located in the Gulf of Saline, in the Capo d'Orso only 4 km. by Stintino.
The coast is sandy and is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. The beach is mostly pebbles the size of a small bean and has a good foot massage for those who walk barefoot. His treatment is quite long but narrow and uneven. Accessible via a dirt path, you can park your car nearby.

It is a clean beach sometimes the tide brings small algae. Sea water has a blue-green and clear.


Stintino: view of a beach



It is a white beach of fragments of quartz and fine gravel that, when it is free from algae offers a sea of glass and crystal and iridescent shades of blue. The coast is wide and long, ideal for pleasant walks, and is framed by sand dunes covered with low vegetation. The beach is not equipped and is generally thin, which gives her a special charm alone.



This is a wide bay fringed by lush vegetation to the north and south by reefs clear. The shoreline is rocky, covered with tufts of vegetation sprout here and there and is bathed by a beautiful sea of glass, crystal and iridescent shades of blue, which presents a backdrop rather high already from the bank. On the coast overlooking several houses with a pier for the mooring of vessels, which make the landscape even more impressive.



It's a picturesque beach of gray gravel mixed with pebbles and stones, bathed by a beautiful clear sea, with hues ranging from green to blue and from the rocky seabed of sandstone, beloved by enthusiasts of snorkeling and diving.
Cala Coscia is ideal for those seeking peace and absolute peace because it is almost always thin, is the lack of sand that accessibility is not easy. The landscape that surrounds it is very suggestive as wild and immaculate, with the dark rocks that fringe that makes the scenario even more special, even for the color contrast they create with the sea.


Cala Lupo Beach close to Stintino


It's a beach made up of rocks and coarse sand, facing a sea wonderfully bright hues ranging from emerald green to blue, beloved by fans of scuba diving. The landscape that surrounds the cove is lovely and very attractive, thanks to the lush vegetation that surrounds it and the rugged rocks that are reflected in the sea.
The beach is ideal for lovers of peace and tranquility because it is never very crowded.



The sandy beach is clear, overlooking a sea of glass, crystal and turquoise, beloved by fans of diving thanks to the vegetation in its depths. Punta Negra is bordered by brown cliffs and surrounded by scented Mediterranean vegetation with trees near the shore, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Stintino and La Pelosa Tower.



Sea water has a blue-green color and is quite clear. The beach of Porto Ferro (Sassari), reachable through a pine forest, is characterized by fine sand of an indeterminate color between yellow and red and is one of the most extensive beaches that start in the difficult West Coast of Nura. End of the bay two massive towers in Spain: Torre Negra in the north and south Torre di Bantine Sale. The natural environment of the beach consists of rocks and cliffs and absolutely worth a visit. The sand is fine and of warm color. The sea is clear and characterized by significant and frequent waves, making it ideal for surfers.



Along the coastal road that leads from Porto Torres in Castelsardo, cross a pine forest dotted with seaside settlements.
Here, on the left is the Lido Platamona. Created in 1951 by the Mayor of Sassari, Platamona lends the place a real paradise: pristine beach, quiet beaches and the fragrant pine trees as a frame along the dune of the coastline. Sand is fine and quite lighten. On the left stretches its namesake pond, with its ninety hectares, is home to many examples of coots and mallards.

Porto Ferro. Surfers like very much this place!



It's a beautiful crescent of fine sand and reddish, long dominated by three towers Spanish sighting of the seventeenth century.
Lots of rocks for lovers of rock. It is surrounded by dunes and pine trees. Close to the sandy shore, the very strong Mediterranean reaches almost to the sea. It is exposed to strong winds of the mistral that's why it is a favorite destination for surfers.

Marina di Sorso



Centrally located in the Golfo dell'Asinara, Marina di Sorso is approximately midway between Porto Torres and Castelsardo, offering its long sandy beach surrounded by the emerald waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean greenery that the quilted sand dunes of the coast, surrounds the whole with its lovely natural setting. The beach consists mainly of dunes.