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Map showing the ponds in Stintino

The peninsula of Capo Falcone has are two ponds:

- Pond Casaraccio or delle Saline is about 3 km before Stintino, shallow, occupies an area of approximately 7.5 Ha. It is separated from the sea by a narrow sandy strip and has a development length in a direction perpendicular to the coastline of about 800 mt. and a width of only 100 mt.

- The Pond of Pilo in the area of Issi, has an area of approximately 1.2 km2. It is located near the northern coast, particularly due to being hidden, for his internal position than the main road, has the charm of hosting the pink flamingos that have nested as in other marshes in Sardinia (eg Cabras).
lo Stagno di Pilo, in localita Issi, ha un'estensione di circa 1.2 Km2. Situato a ridosso della costa settentrionale, grazie al fatto di essere nascosto per la sua posizione interna rispetto alla strada principale, ha il fascino di ospitare i fenicotteri rosa che qui hanno nidificato come anche in altri stagni salati in Sardegna (ad esempio quello di Cabras).
It is separated from the sea by a narrow sand dune and is fed by small streams that sweetens the water unevenly in several places. The wharf, covered with salt and a carpet of fragments of shells is soft and yielding, not lending itself well to be hiked only with great caution.

These ponds are sites of Community interest included in the system of areas of botanical interest, the preservation of biodiversity flora of Sardinia. The feature of both is to consist of brackish water, in many places you can see salt deposits that form the apparent decline in water levels in the more arid. In both ponds because the side that borders the sea is subject to constant seepage of brackish water. The vegetation consists of species with high resistance to soil salinity, they are training with a bush and rushes, and in the inner part, tamarisk.
Very important and suggestive for the possibility of sighting, at certain times of the year, pink flamingos in the pond of Pilo, while the pond Casaraccio sees the presence of herons, cormorants and magpies.

Birds linger on the Pond Casaraccio in Stintino

Torre Salina - Pond of Casaraccio.